Uzbekistan Marriage Practices
Uzbekistan Marriage Practices

Uzbekistan marital life traditions happen to be rooted in the importance of marriage life and the desire to have a good, content home life. There are many pre- and post-wedding rituals to celebrate the event.

Traditionally, Uzbeks get married extremely young. A lot of people marry among 19 and 25 years good old, but this may vary according to where you live.

Wedding ceremonies are a key cultural function in Uzbekistan, and they are a significant part of their particular economy. Also, they are a method to obtain social and spiritual pleasure for both the groom and bride.

A typical wedding ceremony in Uzbekistan happens over two days. For the first time, guests will be treated with morning pilaf (plov), a nationwide dish, and then they attend a nighttime commemoration that includes a sacrament performed by simply an imam.

relationship with korean woman The very next day, a ritual called “kelin salom” begins: the fogeys of the star of the wedding and groom, along with all close relatives, good friends, and neighbours meet up with to meet the newlyweds. They welcome the new bride with 3 profound bows and offer her gifts, blessings, and wishes for a happy existence together.

In addition to the classic morning and nighttime ceremonies, there are some different rituals that have been completely adopted after some time. These include the custom of “fatiha-tuyi”, which is a celebration of the engagement and the organizing of intermarrying individuals, and the sacrament known as “nikokh tui”, which takes place in the house from the bride. The sacrament is performed by the Imam, who declares the newlyweds to be couple.

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